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Cortona is known for its beauty, its history, and thanks to events like the festival of the steak, the market exhibition of antique furniture, or thanks to the cinema ("Under the Tuscan Sun" was filmed here). It 's a charming old town, lying on a hill about 600 meters above sea level, whose origins are lost in history and classical mythology; according to these the founder of Cortona, the mythical Dardano, descended directly from the empire of Troy.
For sure in Cortona are present and have been found numerous Etruscan ruins, including city walls, later extended by the late Middle Ages to the Renaissance.
It's simply wonderful getting lost in the picturesque steep streets, explore the squares, palaces, churches, hidden gardens, corners of the town full of history and art, surrounded by the scent of the typical Tuscan cuisine that comes from homes and restaurants.
Cortona municipality Website
Tourist web portal of Cortona
Tourist web portal of Cortona

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